Toon Boom Round Table Studios/Colleges

Beehive Theatre

Saturday 23rd March 11.30

Toon Boom Round Table Discussion: Market Trends & Bridging the Gap from School to Studio

Come and join us for a discussion that will touch on market trends and initiatives that schools globally are taking to help close the gap from school to studio. What are the hot topics in animation in 2024? What are the new market concerns? How are schools and students showing resilience in changing market conditions? This will be a discussion not to be missed. Come join us.

This discussion panel is perfect for students, schools and studios alike.

About Toon Boom Animation Inc.

For 30 years, Toon Boom Animation has been the global leader in pre production and 2D animation software with clients in over 140 countries. The organization has made its mark with products including Harmony (end-to-end animation) and Storyboard Pro (storyboarding and layout), which continue to build upon their reputation for high performance tools which push the limits of creativity. Producer (production management) and Harmony Gaming (drawing and animation tools for game development) are the most recent new products to join the line-up. Disney Television Animation, Bento Box, Fox Television Animation, Dog Head, Toei Animation, The SPA Studios, Xilam and Boulder Media, are just a few examples of our high profile clients. To learn more about Toon Boom,