Terms and Conditions

1 – General Information

Animation Dingle Festival is an annual event which is organised by Maurice Galway and JAM Media.  The headquarters are located at: 40 Kevin Street Lower, Dublin.

Animation Dingle commits to delivering the very best in Animation from Ireland and around the globe to the Animation Dingle Festival annually; delivering through conference, workshops, screenings and awards and in the spirit of sharing and supporting.

The accreditation procedure is mandatory to access and participate at Animation Dingle.

The Festival takes place annually over the period of two days in March.

The complete list of venues is available at this address:


We understand by “Participant” any person accredited by Animation Dingle and eligible to, as such, access and participate in all, or part of, the Events.

2 – Accreditation Conditions

The Festival accreditation is open to professionals and students in the field of animation, film, television, VFX, gaming and journalism.

The Festival accreditation provides access to events listed at this address:


Student Accreditation

The Student accreditation is reserved for students in the field of animation, film, television, VFX, gaming or journalism at a registered college or university. We offer students a programme of educational and vocational training of the highest standard, connecting them directly with industry professionals in a thought provoking, inspiring and fun environment.

Post Graduate Student Accreditation

The Post Graduate Student accreditation is reserved for students who have graduated in the past 24 months in the field of animation, film, television, VFX, gaming or journalism at a registered college or university.

Lecturer Accreditation

The Lecturer accreditation is reserved for lecturers who are employed by a registered college or university in the  field of animation, film, television, VFX, gaming or journalism.

Professional Accreditation

The Professional accreditation is reserved for professionals working in the field of animation, film, television, VFX, gaming or journalism.

Unemployed Accreditation

The Unemployed accreditation is reserved for individuals who wish to gain employment  in the field of animation, film, television, VFX, gaming or journalism and are in receipt of a social welfare payment.

Ticket Holder

The Ticket Holder is reserved for members of the general public who have purchased a ticket online or at our Animation Dingle Festival Box Office for a screening/event from our Public Screenings and/or Events list.

3 – Accreditation Procedure

The application for accreditation demonstrates the commitment from the applicant to participate in the Animation Dingle Events.

The accreditation application is done exclusively online with Eventbrite ticketing system.

The applicant is invited to choose the appropriate profile, the type of accreditation desired, the means of payment, and must, at the very least, fill in the fields on the accreditation formula marked with an asterisk.

Please note that up to date proof for your accreditation type must be presented on site when collecting your festival pass. 

Example: Students must include a copy of their student card for the current year clearly showing their first and last names, establishment and current academic year.

There is no deadline for an accreditation, however, please note that accreditation is sold on a first-come, first-served basis and once all allocated passes are sold, discussions for exceptions cannot be entered into as we have a very limited number of available places.

Usage of the accreditation is personal and non-transferable. The accreditation gives no entry rights to any other events organized by Animation Dingle.

The validated accreditation and acceptance of the same implies acceptance and full approval by the Participant of the current general terms and conditions.

4 – Financial Conditions

Accreditation prices are detailed at this address: www.animationdingle.com.

The accreditation prices vary depending on the purchase type as follows:


Student Accreditation: €100

Post Graduate Student Accreditation: €160

Unemployed Accreditation: €160

Lecturer Accreditation: €265

Professional Accreditation: €265

VAT is charged at 23%

Payment must be made in full by the applicant, in a single payment. Individual sales through 3rd party platforms may be subject to other fees.

The following secured payment methods are accepted:

  • Through sales on Eventbrite

Eventbrite accepts, Visa, Debit Card, PayPal and Invoice is also an option.

For applicants using Invoice option, once a PO is raised, Invoice must be paid within 7 days. 

Delay Penalties

In the event of late payment, the Participant will be liable for late payment penalties at a rate equal to three times the interest rate at the legal rate of the price VAT inclusive indicated on the invoice, which will be set in motion the day after the due date on the invoice. These late penalties will be automatically and lawfully acquired by Animation Dingle, without any formalities or prior notice.

Cancellation Requests

Any cancellation request (refunds) from the Participant must be sent through Eventbrite.

Any cancellation request will incur a 20% handling fee of the accreditation price VAT included.

After 31st January and once the legal 14-day withdrawal period has passed since the purchase date, the Participant remains liable for the full amount of his/her order and the sums previously paid shall remain vested in Animation Dingle by way of compensation.

No cancellation requests, transfers or refunds shall be considered for accreditations purchased on-site.

5 – Pass and Access

Attendance and access to Animation Dingle will be in strict adherence to current COVID-19 Restrictions at the time of the Festival.  For instance, a valid COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate and supporting photographic ID may be required for entry and/or Accreditation collection.  updates on these requirements can be found on our website and will be updated regularly.

Each accredited Participant will receive a pass and access wristband from Animation Dingle that will give access to the Event(s) for which the participant is accredited.

The pass is personal and cannot under any condition be lent, transferred or exchanged.

In the event of loss or theft, Animation Dingle cannot issue a duplicate pass.

Access to events is operated by pass control: pass scanning or visual monitoring.

Animation Dingle runs a strict No Pass No Entry policy. No access will be granted without both a pass and wristband.

6 – Health and Safety

The Participant is required to take note of and respect all Health and Safety  measures imposed by the public authorities, the administration of the various Sites and Animation Dingle.

Animation Dingle are guided by The Irish Government on all rules and matters relating to the virus Covid-19.  
Currently there is no need for Vaccination Certification, but Animation Dingle advises Participants to adhere to sanitization measures within the hotel. 

7 – Publicity

The Participant will not distribute any promotional material (flyers, posters, brochures, prospectuses, stickers, etc.) at the festival, without prior written permission from Animation Dingle.

8 – Animation Dingle Material and Contents

Animation Dingle is the owner and publisher of it’s festival material, publishes them and ensures their distribution, with the exception of content published by the Participants on festival website, of which Animation Dingle is the host. This material is protected and as such, the Participant cannot use them in any way whatsoever without prior written permission from Animation Dingle.

All texts, videos, images, insignia, data, applications or IT features published on Animation Dingle’s material, with the exception of those submitted by the Participant, are the property of Animation Dingle. For this reason, the Participant may not, and must not, in any case reproduce, delete, distribute, concede, and/or exploit wholly or partially, in any way whatsoever, without prior written consent from Animation Dingle or rights holders, at the risk of being held liable.

9 – Deferment or Cancellation of the Event

In the event of deferment or cancellation of the Event by Animation Dingle due to a force majeure, Animation Dingle shall promptly notify the Participants.

The sums collected by Animation Dingle will be returned to the Participants, less a 15% handling fee, without the possibility of claiming any additional compensation.

Considered as cases of force majeure: developing situation, sanitary, climatic, economic, political or social, at a local, national and international level either: not reasonably foreseeable at the time of communication of the Event to the Participants; or beyond Animation Dingle’s control; and which, either makes the Event impossible to host, or entails the risk of disturbances or disorders likely to seriously affect the organization and smooth running of the Event, or the security of the property and persons.

If the restriction is temporary, fulfilment of the obligation is suspended unless the resulting delay justifies termination of the contract. If the restriction is permanent, the contract is automatically terminated and the parties are released from their obligations.

10 – Image Rights

The Participants are informed that Animation Dingle may take photographs of them and/or voice recordings in the context of documenting the Events.

By participating in the Events, the Participants authorize Animation Dingle to fix, reproduce and communicate their image, and/or their voice, to the public.

This authorization is granted to Animation Dingle free of charge for the entire world and without time limits, for communication purposes, on all known and unknown material to date, by any existing or future means and notably by any electronic communication networks.

The Participant may withdraw his/her authorization at any time by writing an e-mail to Animation Dingle at maurice@animationdingle.com or letter to this address: Animation Dingle, The Space, Garraun, Firies, Killarney, Co Kerry, V93 WN 23, IRELAND.

Participants that wish to take pictures and/or audio recordings of Participants during the Events must request prior authorization from Animation Dingle. The Participants will make their personal case of the necessary authorizations and guarantee Animation Dingle of any appeal and/or claims of any third party on the basis of image rights.

11 – Collection and use of Data

The Participants are informed that Animation Dingle are responsible for the processing, collecting and storing of data, and may collect, process and store personal data that concerns them to enable their participation at the Events.

The Participants agree to provide Animation Dingle with the following personal data deemed indispensable for their registration, to their participation at the Events and to access the Sites: Civility, First Name, Last Name, Country of Residence, Mobile Number, E-mail Address, Photo, Profession.

The Participants may also consent to receiving information from Animation Dingle by ticking the box provided for this purpose when they connect for the first time to their personal space on the Animation Dingle website.

The personal data collected are strictly intended for Animation Dingle for the sole purpose of achieving the intentions set out above.

Animation Dingle guarantees the Participants that their personal data will not be disclosed to any unauthorized third parties without their prior consent. The Participants’ personal data are conserved by Animation Dingle for the necessary length of time to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, and in any event within a 3-year limit after the last contact.

Under GDPR regulations, Participants have the right to access and rectify personal data.

12 – Non-compliance and Sanctions

Any breach of the provisions of these current general terms and conditions will result in the immediate (temporary or permanent) exclusion of the Participant, without accreditation refund or any other sum that the Participant will have paid to Animation Dingle.

This is most prominently the case for non-compliance of security regulations, public order and the Gardaí.

In any event, once a breach committed by the Participant has been confirmed, Animation Dingle will have the right to terminate the accreditation contract without summons or formalities, without prejudice to compensation that may be reclaimed by the Participant.

13 – Law

By express agreement between the parties, the current terms and conditions and the resulting transactions are governed by law.

The Participant refrains from seizing the Courts before having, beforehand, implemented an amical appeal to Animation Dingle.


1 – General Information

The T & Cs apply to all sales of Products made through the Animation Dingle online shop and are there to govern relations between Animation Dingle and the buyer of Animation Dingle products.

2 – Conducting sales between the buyer and the seller

  • Products are presented on the site with a description enabling the buyer to know their essential characteristics and their price.
  • The buyer selects the product(s) for purchasing, post and packaging is added automatically.
  • The buyer confirms the choice of product(s) by doing so accepts these T & Cs.
  • The buyer’s Paypal account is debited for the amount of the order.
  • The buyer receives an email confirming that the order has been taken.
  • Animation Dingle makes a firm commitment to deliver the product(s) within a specified period.
  • Animation Dingle will confirm without delay the correct shipment of the product (s) ordered.
  • In the absence of a complaint from the buyer, the product(s) will be deemed to have been received within 15 days from its date of shipment.
  • The buyer is invited to evaluate the performance of the service according to the methods provided for.

3 – Price and payment

The purchase price of the product is set by Animation Dingle. It is displayed in euros including tax on the description sheet, but excluding delivery costs.  Delivery costs are added to the cart based on the amount ordered.

Payment for purchases made through the site shop is made exclusively by PayPal to Animation Dingle.

Note on BREXIT: Customers shipping to the United Kingdom, may notice delays in expected delivery times. Please be aware, orders shipping to the United Kingdom, that are valued over £135 are subject to tax & duty as per local laws and legislation.

4 – Shipping methods and costs

The delivery terms are offered to the buyer, under the conditions defined below:

  • standard post

The delivery costs of the product(s) are calculated according to the grid available at the address https://www.anpost.com/Post-Parcels/Sending/Calculate-Postage

Animation Dingle undertakes to send the buyer the product(s) ordered within 2-3 working days (Ireland and Europe) of the date of receipt of the order and payment. The product(s) are delivered to the address indicated by the buyer when ordering, and delivered under the conditions selected when ordering. It is therefore the sole responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the information given for this purpose is correct and that they will enable receipt of the product(s) purchased on the site.

4 – Right of withdrawal

The buyer has a period of 7 days from receipt of the product(s) ordered to exercise the right of withdrawal, without having to justify reasons or pay a penalty.  In the event that the right of withdrawal is exercised within the aforementioned period, only the price of the product(s) purchased will be reimbursed and the return costs remain the responsibility of the Buyer.

Returns are to be made in their original condition and complete (packaging, accessories, instructions, etc.) in packaging identical to that used for shipping.

The reimbursement of returned products is made by crediting the buyer’s PayPal account as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days of the date on which the right was exercised.

5 – Disputes

The buyer has the right to report any complaint concerning the product(s) ordered by sending his complaints to info@animationdingle.com.

Animation Dingle and the buyer will make their best efforts to reach an amicable resolution of the dispute.

Depending on the case, the declared dispute will give rise either to the return of the ordered product(s) or to a refund.

6 – Guarantees

Defective products, or those not corresponding to the order, will be reimbursed.

The product(s) must be returned to Animation Dingle in the state in which they were received with all the elements (accessories, packaging, instructions, etc.).

Code of Conduct in our Digital Spaces

At Animation Dingle, we believe our digital platforms should be safe spaces for everyone. Everyone has the right to feel safe and welcome when they engage with us online, and we are committed to creating an environment of equality for all, in both our digital and physical spaces.

This Code of Conduct provides a set of guidelines we expect everyone to adhere to when interacting with any of our social media accounts or digital activities. Anyone who does not adhere to this Code of Conduct may be blocked or subject to expulsion from events/activities, without warning and without receiving a refund for any paid activities.

We do not tolerate any form of harassment directed at our staff, collaborators, partners, volunteers, audiences, participants or wider communities.

Harassment might include, but is not limited to:

  • Bullying, intimidation, threatening or aggressive behaviour.
  • Violence of any description.
  • The use of epithets, slurs or negative stereotyping.
  • Minimising a person’s lived experience or identity.
  • Misgendering or refusal to respect a person’s gender identity.
  • Inappropriate or unwelcome sexual attention, innuendo or joking.
  • Sustained disruption of events.
  • Discrimination, particularly in connection to:
    • Race, ethnicity, or national origin.
    • Gender identity or expression.
    • Sex or sexual orientation.
    • Age.
    • Disability, neurotypicality, medical condition, or pregnancy.
    • Religion.
    • Citizenship status.
    • Body size or physical appearance.
    • Language proficiency.
  • Promoting or encouraging any of the above behaviour.

Harassment is not:

Discussing or criticising oppressive behaviour, assumptions, or precedent.

Whilst we do our best to remain vigilant across all of our social media platforms, we are a small team. If you experience or witness any form of harassment on one of our digital platforms, please contact Animation Dingle via email to: cath@animationdingle.com providing detailed information. All complaints will be investigated and appropriate action taken. We will treat your complaint confidentially