Submissions are now Closed.

"Being able to speak at Animation Dingle provided an opportunity to not only share my own story as an animator in the entertainment industry over the last twenty-five years, but be reminded of the shared enthusiasm and creativity that is so abundant in the next generation of animators."  

Call for Stings for Animation and Gaming for Animation Dingle 2024 is now closed.

Sting Awards



Our theme for 2024 STINGS is AN PHIAST GETS A JOB?

Each year we set our theme for STINGS around our infamous mascot, An Phiast.

Our STINGS submissions are always highly competitive and each year we are delighted with the creativity that shines through.  This year is no exception, we are looking forward to seeing just how imaginative you can be…what kind of a job would An Phiast even be interested in applying for?  Who knows…..we look forward to finding out! 

Remember, if your sting is selected, your Monster Film will be revealed LIVE for all to see at Animation Dingle 2024.


  • Open on September 4th 2023
  • Submissions must be original works; we are looking for original and unique ideas.
  • Only students may apply.
  • Duration: Animation Stings no longer than 40 secs and no shorter than 20 secs including credits. Game Stings have no time limit.
  • Credits: Along with your college logo, Animation Dingle and JAM Media Logos must appear on the credits – opening or closing or both. 
  • Pitch Deadline: October 27th 2023.  No submissions will be accepted after this time.

Request high res logos for Animation Dingle and Jam Media from 

All Sting pitches entered will be adjudicated by our judges, selected Stings to go ahead into production. 

When Selected:

    • Selected Stings will be notified and the project can begin by 10th November 2023
    • Selected finished Stings must be delivered to the festival by 23rd February 2024
  • The principal student from each selected Sting will be entitled to one complimentary festival pass, giving access to all festival screenings and events.


  • The Best Sting Award and The Best Game Sting Award will be announced at our awards ceremony live in Dingle on Friday March 22nd 2024.

Submit your Sting Pitch by sharing your submission with on google drive, clearly label your folder.

Your entry must include:

  • Clearly labelled google folder with the title of your Sting and principal student contact name
  • Written idea/synopsis – this may include your storyboard, character design, etc.
  • An Image to represent your Sting
  • Animatics 
  • Credits; these must include the name of the principal contact for the project; the names of all other students involved in the project and their roles  
  • Principal student contact details, including email and phone number

Cost to enter: FREE

An Phiast’s story can be seen below.

We look forward to your Monster Film!

The Story of An Phiast

Just outside the town of Dingle, in Moorestown parish, lies a small lake called Loch Corraillí. The depths of this lake are home to our mischievous monster, An Phiast. Legend has it, An Phiast, a magical monster, emerged from the lake every seven years on May Day to create mayhem. He devoured the cattle and sheep of local farmers. No one could stop him. St. Cuan heard about the monster in Dingle and the havoc that he caused. So on May Day, before sunrise, St. Cuan and a crowd of locals gathered at the lake’s edge. St. Cuan came armed with a large three-legged black pot, and the crowd waited and waited for the monster to appear.

As they watched, a ripple crossed the water, green scales sliced through the surface, followed by the cheeky monster’s head.

“May you have bad health Cuan,” said An Phiast and opened his enormous mouth to swallow St. Cuan.

“The same curse on you,” said St. Cuan, throwing the pot on top of the monster’s head.

“How long will this pot be on my head?” the monster roared.

“For eternity and to the end of time,” responded St. Cuan.

“Forever is a long time,” the monster said sadly, “If I didn’t have the pot on my head, I would eat you and half the world with you”.

“You won’t eat anything else now, there is no fear of that, you will not cause any more trouble or damage here again,” said St. Cuan.

St. Cuan is buried in the townland of Moorestown parish and An Phiast lurks in Loch Corraillí with the pot on his head. Locals say you may still see the monster and, if you listen, you might hear his cries echoing through the pot.

Animation Dingle feels An Phiast has suffered enough, and are happy to welcome him to our festivities each year. Keep an eye out for him and let him join in the fun!
Joshua Pattison - RETURN - BCFE