Animation Dingle Fair

Meeting the industry at Animation Dingle!

We are delighted to present our 2024 Animation Dingle Fair.

Here you can chat to studios, animators, companies and much more. Have a walk around…see what’s happening in the industry right now, ask questions, or just browse.

Doubling up as a place to sit and grab a coffee, this area will be a space to hang out as well as a casual place to meet studios and industry experts. Pop in, hang around, have a chat…sit down in one of the Zones to see what they are looking for.

We can already confirm some amazing companies.

Industry Companies confirmed for Animation Dingle Studio Fair 2024

Connecting with the Fair

Below, we have a form to help you connect with industry companies at the fair. If you are interested please fill in the form below for them to have a browse through your portfolio.

Note: This is strictly for Ticket Holders to Animation Dingle 2024. Tickets can be purchased here