Animation Dingle 2024 Programme 

Animation Dingle 2024 Programme

Dingle Skellig Hotel

Collect your festival pass and wrist band at the registration. Note: Students make sure you bring your Student ID Card. 

Dingle Skellig Hotel

Collect your festival pass and wrist band at the registration. Note: Students make sure you bring your Student ID Card. 

Snuggly tucked away just outside the Dingle Suite, you will find our Plug Out and Plug In Zone. NEW to Animation Dingle, this quiet zone is one of our commitments to wellbeing. Here attendees turn off phones and take some time to relax and rejuvenate – free water and fruit available. This space will be monitored by our volunteers to ensure a safe, quiet and respectful area at all times.


Animation Dingle 2024 welcome and introduction by Festival Founder Director Maurice Galway and CEO JAM Media John Rice

John Rice, Maurice Galway

Our Young Animator of the Year competition is an incredible opportunity that allows Irish young people to have their work seen by Disney and to meet Disney Executive, Orion Ross in Dingle.

The winner of the YAOTY Award will be presented with the YAOTY Award by Orion Ross, Vice President, International Animation, Disney Branded Television, The Walt Disney Company at the OPENING of the FESTIVAL, before the Conference begins. The winning piece will then be screened. 

Orion Ross YAOTY is sponsored by Disney, details on the open submissions can be found here

Our Opening Keynote is brought to you by the incredible Rejean Bourdages from PIXAR.

Rejean Bourdages

AI is here and making a lot of noise. Animation Dingle wants to explore this controversial topic, both from a legal standpoint, but also from the perspective of opportunity and what the future might hold.

Our AI Panel is about CURIOSITY, it is about NOT BEING AFRAID, enjoying TAKING RISKS and above all, not forgetting how to PLAY!
In all the solemnity of current discussions and amidst what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming topic, we must remember that we are creatives and that AI is still young – as are our students! Let’s explore how they can grow and flourish side by side.

Chair: Suzanne Kelly

Cathal GaffneyDelphine DoreauDrew Mullin – Alan Gregg

Tea & coffee in the Conference Hall.

Next up, our Second Keynote from the amazing Heather Tilert of Netflix!

Heather Tilert

Our annual Women in Animation Panel will take centre stage at our Festival Conference. In 2024 we will once again explore the theme, but with very exciting new contributors.

Chair: Marge Dean

Panellists: Julie Kane RitschAvery AngleKatie Davies Kaya KuhnLila Hannou

Lunch Break – Great time for fresh air or lunch in the Dingle Skellig Hotel or around town.

Our final Conference Keynote is with Emily Hart from Disney – worth the wait guys!

Emily Hart

Animation Dingle is delighted to be an approved Academy Awards® qualifying festival for the Short Film Awards. This Panel explores what it takes to get a short animated film across the line and through to be nominated for Oscars and much more – and what students need to know as they begin to forge their animation careers. Our Panel guests have travelled this road, have won awards or been nominated for awards and share their first hand experience.

Chair: Jean Thoren

Peter LordDarragh O’ConnellMartin Pope Michael RoseSarah Muller

Join us for this insightful exploration featuring prominent voices shaping the landscape. This panel delves into the transformative journey of adult animation, unravelling its evolving narrative, artistic innovations, and the expanding audience appeal. From pushing boundaries to redefining storytelling, these industry leaders provide a captivating discussion on the dynamic trajectory of adult animation in today’s entertainment landscape. Get ready for a thought-provoking conversation that illuminates the remarkable growth and influence of this groundbreaking genre.

Chair: Michael Ryan

Marge DeanJack Liang Gillian ComerfordEleanor Coleman – Chrystel Poncet

Established in 2017, our Big Pitcher, invites students to submit proposals for an animated tv series, a pilot episode or short film. The 6 best ideas are selected by a panel of industry experts and each student is then invited to pitch their idea LIVE at Animation Dingle. 

The panel selects an overall winner who is awarded with a 3 month paid internship in JAM Media, where they will get the opportunity to develop their idea further. The winning pitcher will also have a chance to Pitch at Cartoon Springboard 2024.  The Panel comprises International Broadcasters:

Chair/MC Alan Shannon – Chair/MC Jam Media

Panel of Judges

Our Pitch and a Pint event is hugely popular. Here students speed from table to table on a timer, pitching and chatting to studios. Pitch and a Pint is a great opportunity for students to engage in a very real way with industry experts and get direct feedback from them on their work, their ideas and their pitching ability.  

This is one of the many events which Animation Dingle commits to in order to break down barriers between students upcoming in the industry and those seemingly hard-to-reach executives.  Representation from: Boulder Media, Cartoon Saloon, Jam Media, Monster Entertainment, Brown Bag Films, RTE, The Gotham Group, 9 Story, Thunderbird, Disney, Spin Master, Paramount, BBC, Milkshake, Nickelodeon, Pixar,  Aardman Animation, Skybound Animation, Crunchyroll, Polygon, Those Production Girls, CBC, Netflix.

Animation Dingle is delighted to welcome comic book artist, Will Sliney, here to Dingle to launch The Munster Animation Cluster Strategy Plan.

Reception will be provided by the award winning Dingle Distillery

Munster Animation Cluster is excited about the potential in the animation industry. According to Interreg Europe, the cultural and creative industry (CCI) is vibrant and can bring about well-being and unique excellence. The current growth and future prospects in animation create a chance for Munster to support small and micro animation businesses in the region. By doing so, Munster can help these businesses grow, contributing to overall economic growth and the creation of high-value jobs.

Join us and our host Sharon Mannion for this year’s RTÉjr Animation Dingle Awards.

Main Conference Room, Dingle Skellig Hotel: Sally Cinnamon will be our DJ for the night’s celebrations – bring out those dancing shoes!

St. James’ Church Screenings

Each year we like to pull out a selection of shorts that will ask us to sit up and take notice of what is going on around us.  We all need to consider sustainability, our place in the world, what we can do to protect and, not only maintain, but actually nurture and encourage our planet’s survival.  Here is our 2024 Environmental Programme….
Embark on an evocative journey through time with our enchanting programme entitled ‘Memory.’ Films on recollection, capturing the essence of our collective past, from the nostalgic embrace of childhood memories to the sun-kissed days at the beach that linger in our hearts, these beautiful shorts weave a golden thread that binds us all. Experience the tender warmth of familial bonds as we delve into heartfelt tales of our grandad’s wisdom and the precious moments of being a baby. ‘Memory’ invites you to relive the beauty of the past, offering a window that celebrates the universal nostalgia and the enduring power of cherished moments.
Join us for a captivating shorts film screening that explores the profound journey of individuals and groups who are bound together by the enduring threads of faith, love, and resilience. Be prepared to embark on an emotional rollercoaster that will inspire and uplift your spirit. This programme celebrates the power of the human spirit and the people working together in the face of life’s challenges. A programme of unwavering strength, heartfelt connections, and the triumph of the human spirit.
Animation Dingle is an Academy Award qualifying festival and as such the winning Irish professional short film will go forward to be considered for an Academy Award. The programme Includes the most recent FRAMEWORKS films funded by Screen Ireland and RTÉ. Here is our 2024 selection of Irish Professional Animation Shorts….
Family friendly viewing is here…so sit back, relax and smile…enjoy our easy breezy family friendly programme 2024.
Immerse yourself in this short animation film program that explores the realm of creativity, inspiration, and an unconventional gaze. Each film provides an alternative look at storytelling, challenging conventional norms and giving us a fresh viewpoint on the artistic process.

Beehive Theatre Screenings

Shorts that bring us on a mesmerising journey into the realms of fantasy and magic. This collection of bewitching tales transcends the ordinary, immersing you in a world where the supernatural intertwines with the mystical allure of dreams. Films that cast spells and blur the lines between reality and fantasy. From ethereal landscapes of dark dreams to the whimsical wonderlands of enchanting fairy tales, this program promises to transport viewers to realms where the extraordinary comes to life through these wonderful animations.
Indulge in an uproarious laughter-fest with his comedic short film programme which promises a side-splitting experience as it unfolds a riotous array of animated tales that defy the bounds of imagination. Raccoons in a trench coat,  the charming escapades of a little girl determined to avoid the sun at all costs, egg zombies, roadkill, a cat sandwich and more will  guarantee you a rollicking good time, offering a showcase of animated brilliance that will tickle your funny bone and leave you grinning from ear to ear.
A collection of captivating tales from Irish and international students weaving together heartwarming family narratives and compelling dramas, transcending cultural boundaries to explore the universal themes that bind us all. This programmes brings to life the intricacies and the complexities of human relationships.
Take A Walk On The Dark Side invites you to delve into a mesmerising short animation film programme that explores the shadows of the human experience with a touch of whimsy and a dash of macabre.

Dingle Skellig Hotel

We are delighted that there will be a gathering of Women in Animation!  Taking place in the Dingle Skellig Hotel, this gathering is hosted by the President of Women in Animation, Marge Dean and sponsored by TG4 and there will be tea, coffee and scones on offer!

Marge Dean

2023 saw the introduction of the Animation Dingle Fair. For 2024 we have taken that model and expanded it.  Here you can chat to studios and companies at our various Zones. This is a buzzing, busy space – enjoy!
In collaboration with BCFE and supported by The French Embassy of Ireland.
Important! Make sure you read and sign the VR waiver form before booking (click button below).

Snuggly tucked away just outside the Dingle Suite, you will find our Plug Out and Plug In Zone.  NEW to Animation Dingle, this quiet zone is one of our commitments to wellbeing.  Here attendees turn off phones and take some time to relax and rejuvenate – free water and fruit available.  This space will be monitored by our volunteers to ensure a safe, quiet and respectful area at all times.

Meeting Point: Main entrance into Dingle Skellig Hotel: A masterclass which gives animators the opportunity to participate in a creative concept generation and sketching up-skilling programme. This is a tried and tested model which runs each year at Animation Dingle and is popular with both students and professional attendees. It allows for, and positively promotes, an informal setting to nurture the creative process and encourage dialogue between animators and students. The overall objective is to learn and promote learning in a relaxed, fun, young person centred and symbiotic environment; for each student to push themselves, but to be open to new directions in their work. 

This year our Sketch Trail will be led by Fabiola Berton, Background & Layout Artist at Jam Media


St. James Church

RTÉjr & Studio Meala in association with Cultural and Creative Industries Skillnet present DOODLE GIRL

Important: You have to register with CCIS for this event, following link to book.

Chair: Eimear O’Mahony – RTÉjr

Sean Cunningham – Director, Cora McKenna – Director, Sinead O’Reagan – Art Director, Shane Perez – Writer/Story Editor
Kilkenny based Cartoon Saloon is a world renowned animation studio with five Academy Award®, two Golden Globe® nominations and many award wins including BAFTA® and Emmy®. We are currently working on a number of projects in production and in development. Come and meet us on Saturday 23rd of March to meet the team, hear about the exciting roles we have coming up and learn all about living in Kilkenny!
With an increasing number of platforms audiences can watch shows on, it’s more important than ever to have a visual identity and tone of voice that cuts through the noise, makes an impact, and defines a brand’s personality across all marketing. In this workshop, Jon Preston – VP Creative Director Kids & Family, UK & International for Paramount will take us through how the 2023 Nickelodeon Re-Brand came to life, the creative choices that were made along the way, and how important it is to have a brand identity that’s built for global, multiplatform use. We’ll see some amazing work along the way, including the Emmy Award winning image campaign that kicked off the re-brand, and delve into how Nickelodeon uses character animation and motion graphics to drive it’s brand personality. WARNING – there will be slime!
Important: You have to register with CCIS for this event, following link to book.
Presented by Composers Guild of Ireland – Music & Sound end to end in Animation with Mark Gordon

Beehive Theatre

Toon Boom Round Table Discussion: Market Trends & Bridging the Gap from School to Studio

Come and join us for a discussion that will touch on market trends and initiatives that schools globally are taking to help close the gap from school to studio. What are the hot topics in animation in 2024? What are the new market concerns? How are schools and students showing resilience in changing market conditions? This will be a discussion not to be missed. Come join us.

This discussion panel is perfect for students, schools and studios alike.

McCarthy's Pub (Goats Street)

Festival Director Maurice Galway will have a chinwag with Tomm Moore in the small and terrific setting of McCarthy’s Bar. Grab a coffee or a pint and listen in, this will be good!

Tomm Moore, Maurice Galway

Gabriel Galway is a ronowned Dungeon Master and creator of worlds, realms and much more.  Join Gabriel for all things D&D and worldbuilding – it will be fun, there will be pantheons, realms, ecosystems, magic systems, cities and characters all from a single story-thread.

If you are a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, Worldbuilding or Creative Writing, this is not an opportunity you want to miss! And keep your eye out for Gabriel’s fantastic Animation Dingle designs this year – he had fun with An Phaist!

Gabriel Galway

In this Chinwag two icons of the animation sector meet up for a chinwag.  Both Murakami Award winners, both here with us to share their massive shared knowledge.  Pop along to hear what they have to say – Producers – who needs them?

Steve Woods, Michael Algar

Join Katie and Lena as they pull out all the stops and everything you might need as a storyteller – their bag is deep, just like Mary Poppins’!

Lena Byrne, Katie Davies

Curran's Pub

Every year Animation Dingle holds a Fundraising Art Auction. This incredibly successful fundraiser could not be possible without the very generous donations made by guests and festival attendees, and we thank them profusely. So, want to own a work by your favourite animator? Get yourself along to this high octane Art Auction.

This year we are delighted to be raising funds for UNICEF Ireland.

Every euro counts, help us to go over and above previous donations!

Dick Macks

In the unique environment of Dick Mack’s Pub, this is a chance for our students to relax and celebrate their winning awards. Closing the weekend with a party thrown especially for them, they can say goodbye to Animation Dingle 2024 and begin to  plan their return in 2025.