Niall Mooney


As an Episodic Director and VFX Supervisor at JAM Media for over 17 years, Niall plays a key role in the Development team, Design, Technology and Production pipeline. His recent credits include Visual Effects Director on ‘Nova Jones’ Season 01, Director on ‘Jessy and Nessy’,  ‘Becca’s Bunch’, ‘Little Roy’, ‘Zig and Zag’ and ‘Tilly and Friends’, Visual Effects Supervisor and Head of Compositing on ‘Roy’ Series 01- 04, “Baby Jake” series 01 and 02 and Animation supervisor on the personalized show Funky Fables. 

Niall is currently The Visual Effects Director on ‘Nova Jones Season 02 and 03, a 20 x 24 Minute Live Action, VFX production for JAM Media and CBBC.

Niall studied Classical animation at Ballyfermot Senior College, Dublin, graduating with honors in 1994. Niall began his career as a trainee animator at the Sullivan Bluth Studios, Dublin, working on the films ‘The Pebble and the Penguin’ and ‘All dogs go to Heaven 2’. In 1995 Niall joined Terraglyph Productions in Dublin as a Character Animator where he worked on various feature films including, ‘Help I’m a Fish’ and ‘The Duck Ugly’. Niall has also worked as a Lead VFX supervisor on various Short and live action feature films.