Michael Ryan

Director GFM Animation

Michael started his original company J&M Entertainment in 1978 and it became one of the groundbreaking sales and financing companies in the independent business.

Having financed, sold and distributed films like Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Homicide, Miles from Home, Highlander What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and The English Patient, J&M was successfully sold to a German public company in 2000.

Michael then joined forces with Guy Collins with whom he had worked on the Highlander films and formed the GFM group

With movies like Harlock, Planet 51, Paws of Fury and the Looney Tunes movie, The Day the Earth Blew Up, GFM’s animation company is now a major supplier of family movies.

Michael is often found fronting a blues band , The Indies, at various industry events around the world. He rocks!