Key Objectives, Targets and Strategies

Location & Vocation Combination

Over the course of our 2 day Animation Dingle event, key decision makers share insights into the many opportunities that exist in this growing and vibrant sector. We offer students a programme of educational and vocational training of the highest standard, connecting them directly with industry professionals in a thought provoking, inspiring and fun environment. 

Whilst our Animation Dingle Festival appears at face value to provide a hub for young animators and experienced professionals to engage, it is when we dig deeper that we truly see precisely what it is that makes Animation Dingle DIFFERENT. 

We like to call it, our secret Location and Vocation Combination.

With the backdrop of the scenic coastal town of Dingle and the breathtaking Corca Dhuibhne Peninsula, Animation Dingle Festival invites its Location to act as a welcome; in this relaxed environment each of our guests themselves unwind and are open to conversations.  

Here we do not spout over boardroom tables, but pitches are made over pints; and deals are sealed over dinner.

At Animation Dingle we offer unprecedented access to training and opportunity and in this way Animation Dingle Festival is one which offers vocational training, very specific to this industry and to those coming up through it.

Our Location Vocation Combination allows young upcoming animators to learn from industry experts in a unique and dynamic way, without the expected anxiety and stress.  Through our conferences, our workshops, our seminars and our screenings we offer spaces to interact in youthful ways which inspire and energize.  

In this supportive way, we can bring cutting edge developments to the front line of student learning whilst at the same time offering opportunities to network and connect with possible future employers.  This environment is symbiotic and also allows for industry professionals to ‘scout’ and look out for potential in young upcoming animators.

Not only do we provide animation-specific training for students, we also provide opportunities for those already engaged in the industry to broaden their skills base, to retrain and even to explore new and upcoming industry trends.  For example, immersion in the VR technology can provide those already working in the industry to sample this new technology for themselves before investing in equipment and platforms. 

Animation Dingle work hard to seek out new trends and opportunities from around the globe in order to bring them to our unique event, ever-growing our Location Vocation Combination offering.

Annually, Animation Dingle reviews its own aims and objectives, in order to ensure their relevance and our purpose are still current.  In 2023 Animation Dingle commits to: 

  • growing our participant numbers to 700 
  • maintaining our 50/50 student/industry participant ratio  
  • 50/50 x 2020 Cannes Collective Film Festival Charter
  • delivering a structured programme which offers the very best educational and vocational programme at a festival for animation students in the country, giving them skills that will be of direct use to them within the animation industry
  • facilitating student engagement with the animation industry in its many forms
  • delivering an educational and vocational programme which inspires confidence, which enables and empowers students to network with employers, and which inspires young animators to establish their own creative currency and enterprise
  • delivering dynamic content which allows those already engaged in the industry to upskill, refresh and experience new up-coming directions within this sector
  • assisting to develop creative producers, show runners, entrepreneurial spirit, and how to set up your own business throughout the animation sector
  • facilitating direct student engagement with the animation industry in its many forms
  • demonstrating how the Arts create Employment and how they can impact and affect corporate dialogue
  • strengthening the profile of Ireland as a worldwide centre of excellence in animation internationally
  • exhibiting the best in Irish and International animation
  • supporting the creative industry within Ireland, and maintaining our network architecture of animation leaders outside of Ireland
  • providing a platform to profile both young and professional Irish talent
  • recognise and reward animation talent through our animation awards

Animation Dingle Educational and Vocational opportunities in 2023 include our:

Animation Conference: where keynote presenters and panelists made up of experienced broadcasters, Oscar winning professionals and Industry leaders from around the world will offer learnings and insights into the Animation industry, communicating directly with students and giving advice on how to succeed within this lucrative industry;

Workshop Programme: providing vocational specific training in a variety of aspects of the Animation industry to students and professionals;

The Big Pitcher: where a number of students will pitch live to key decision makers from the Broadcasting Industry. One student will receive a 6-month employment contract within the Animation Industry, where they will receive direct mentoring from experienced professionals to develop their concept into a fully realised Industry ready pitch;

Pitch and a Pint: provides a dynamic, energetic, timed, round of 1:1 across-the-table pitches from students to Studio Executives – This fast paced event prepares students for the reality of the marketplace where brief meeting opportunities are the norm. The students receive direct feedback and thereby improve their likelihood of being picked up for employment;  

The Sketchtrail Masterclass: this 1:1 direct tuition masterclass from established animators working within the industry allow students to spend time with the Master, honing their skills as an animator;

Screenings: which are a carefully curated programme of short and feature length animated films, exhibited in unique locations and with opportunities for Q&A sessions with the films’ makers.