Jemma Shorten


A passionate creative with a keen eye for animation and art, Jemma Shorten is entering the Irish film industry. Armed with a solid education in Animation, Motion Design, and Visual Effects from MTU Tralee, and having actively contributed to the success of Animation Dingle for the past four festivals, Jemma’s journey in animation and film is just beginning. Her jack-of-all-trades skills have found a new home in the Art Department of the Irish Film Industry, where she continues to bring her unique blend of creativity and technical expertise, having recently worked on the feature film ‘Sisters’.

Jemma’s dedication to animation goes beyond her professional endeavours; she remains involved with Animation Dingle, where she has the privilege of witnessing the innovation and excellence displayed by student filmmakers each year. Her genuine love for the art form shines through in her appreciation for the originality and exceptional quality displayed by these emerging talents.