Gabriel Galway

Independent Artist and D&D DM, D&D

Lord Gabriel Galway, is a storyteller, graphic designer and Youtuber. His channel “The Ugly Goblin”, covers all things Dungeons & Dragons and Worldbuilding; including his own decade old Fantasy World of
Gostar. With nearly 15 years of experience in designing worlds and telling stories, Gabriel brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to his audience, and fellow TTRPG players.

In his workshop he will teach you how to design your own fictional world from the ground up. Gabriel will show you how to weave together pantheons, realms, ecosystems, magic systems, cities and characters all from a single story-thread.

If you are a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, Worldbuilding or Creative Writing, this is not an opportunity you want to miss!

Be sure to check out Gabriel’s designs at this year’s festival – he has created our amazing poster along with all festival graphics and merch!