From Gods to Goblins

McCarthy’s Bar, Goat Street

Saturday 23rd March 13.00

From Gods to Goblins: A Guide on Worldbuilding

Inviting all storytellers, creative writers and casual tabletop enthusiasts!
In a world saturated by Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPGs, we are discovering endless new ways to tell stories and worldbuild. And yet, with all of these incredible tools at our disposal it is hard to know where to begin.
In this juicy little workshop, I will be showing you how to begin designing your fictional world; from the ground up. We will construct a “World Building Engine” from a single concept, and discover how one idea can snowball into endless possibilities.
Using my own decade old fictional world as an example, we will deconstruct pantheons, navigate the art of realmcrafting and explore its cosmos and timelines.
The journey of worldbuilding never truly ends, but it certainly has a beginning;
So, let’s start there!

*Workshop may contain traces of Goblin*


Gabriel Galway