Ethna Murakami

Murakami Award

Ethna was born in Dublin. She worked in Aer Lingus until she met Jimmy Murakami. They married in 1971 and briefly lived in Hollywood before relocating back to Ireland.  They had two daughters.  In the years that followed, Jimmy produced TV commercials, film and TV specials, documentary films and pilots. 

Ethna ran a catering business from 1984-1988 for the entertainment industry. Her principal clients were Windmill Lane Pictures and Recording, catering for stars such as U2, Eurythmics, The Waterboys, Clannad and The Chieftains.

In September 1988, she joined Murakami Wolf Swenson (MWS) established in Dublin. MWS produced the hugely successful TV series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. At the height of production, the company employed over 140 people, many of whom have gone on to forge successful careers in the animation industry worldwide.

When Jimmy retired, he returned to his first love, painting, with Ethna coordinating exhibitions of his artwork.