NEW to Animation Dingle is our 

AD D&D 2023 

with Dakota Irish

Live D&D Games Schedule

6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 27th January

6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 3rd February

6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 10th February

6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 17th February

6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 24th February

6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 3rd March

6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 10th March

The finale will be played LIVE at Animation Dingle in The Dingle Skellig Hotel on Saturday 25th March (12pm – 4pm)

Aval – Cleric/ Sorcerer

Aval is a multi-class Life Cleric/ Aberrant Mind Sorcerer. She can perceive the inner thoughts of others to weave marvellous garments straight from their minds. As an Eladrin, she has four forms but tends to present herself as Spring.

Raised in the lush forests of The Vale, Aval was raised with a deep love of nature and magic. Since she was a child, she used her psionic abilities to enable her to stay one step ahead of her peers without putting in the hard work. Her father realised her natural arcane abilities and wished for her to pursue divine studies that would benefit Vallien society. Her childhood was stripped and replaced with endless learnings and exceedingly high expectations. Rejecting his wishes and the pressures to be perfect, she stole away one autumn night and set out to find change and her true passion; weaving.

In spite of her cool-headed appearance, Aval thrives in chaos and loves surprises. Above all else, she believes in the concept of the free will provided no one else’s freedom is compromised. She makes a living as a travelling weaver accompanied by the tools of her trade and her trusted familiar, Rosencrantz.

Taking part in the Féast na Phiast, Aval hopes to not just create clothes of the wearers’ imagination but to fabricate works that inspire those that witness them. She has the skill but feels that she is not a true artist – and that her psionic abilities allow her to cheat in her passion – similar to her childhood. Now, at the feast, surrounded by creatives from all walks of life, she feels like a fraud, and one thought repeats in her mind: is she even worthy?

Bronte – Half-orc Dhampir, Fighter

Born to a REALLY friggin old orcish vampire, Bronte (half-orc dhampir, fighter) has been around death all her life. Hey, living in Guinee will do that to you, huh? Bronte was a very sheltered kid, and turned her attention towards art. Having no paints to use, she turned towards what she knew – blood! Deer blood, rabbit blood – you name it, she used it.

Growing up to be a talented painter, Bronte specialises in paintings created with the blood of various creatures. Not humanoids so much, they can get…pitchfork happy, and she’s not a fan of constantly moving like her mother did. But hey, she won’t say no if her employer provides human blood for her work! Her grim pieces are often purchased and commissioned by plagueland kings, hanging in their halls to terrify visitors.

Bronte is headed for An Daingeanin in order to improve her artistic talents, maybe find a few evil warlords to commission her, who knows? Anything to fuel her grisly creations! She intends to paint an Phiast’s rising and wring a good price out of some sadistic fuck with more money than sense.

Vesna Sting – Fairy Barbarian

Vesna Sting is a young but unusually tall fairy. She comes from a line of clans that behave exactly like colonies of insects. She is the next Queen class of fairy to come from the wasp clan, and now it is time for her to venture forth and carve her own colony home elsewhere.

Vesna is an incredibly cocky individual who often puts brawn to the forefront. She is bold and brash and much more abrasive than she thinks she is. Even when she may mean well, her big mouth and lack of thought often get her into hot water. She is quick to get frustrated, even at herself, especially when her own extremely high standards aren’t met. This often results in many failed craft projects due to them not meeting her standards.

She is a path of the Beast Barbarian who uses her strength to mold the earth and nature around her as if it were simple clay, crafting sturdy and elaborate nest prototypes. She is hoping that by attending Féast An Phiast ” she will be able to gain the inspiration to craft the most magnificent and wonderous nest to prove that she is the best and strongest Wasp Queen there has ever been! She hopes that her might, and undeniable building skills will draw a powerful following to her to support her as an artisanal queen.


Tinki is a 4ft small Artificer Autognome from one of the far cities. She is as outragingly ambitious with her projects to make instruments as she is anxious to perform with them, yet her trusty companion Clinki is her forever hype man, luthier apprentice and most importantly her best friend! Clinki is Tinki’s 6ft Steel Defender who had some complications in creation during Tinki’s Artificer apprenticeship and was created with the same artistic persona that she has. Together they make the awkward duo of Tinki and Clinki, The Travelling Titanium Tinkers, on a journey, travelling from town to town, city to city, to create the best instruments fit for the best bards to perform on the biggest stages! The only downfall is that Tinki is quite a struggling artist as many people already have their own instruments or think her instruments are just too flamboyant or seem almost impractical, yet she is still confident that the right performers will recognise her work and wish to showcase them to the world – Clinki keeps reminds her whenever she is disheartened.
Tinki and Clinki have heard of the wondrous festival of Féast An Phiast and that is the largest arts festival with the largest crowds, this is their time to shine, this is the stage that they have been craving with the greatest artists just filling the streets, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to finally find their bard in shining armour to fulfil their dreams of making the greatest instrument for the greatest performance on the largest most creative and colourful city in Gostar – An Daingean!
Tinki is willing to do anything to reach this goal while meeting other tinkers, luthiers and artists, and make a name for herself with the support of Clink at her side.

Clemintine – Bard/wizard 

Clemintine is a 3rd level bard of swords and a 2nd level blade singer wizard.

Clemintine is a satyr draped in florescent fauna and bright autumnal colours. They have left their homeland, many know it as the land of the fae, some know it as Tir na nOg. They have travelled to the land of Gostar to hone their skills in the flourishes of blades and their skills in the arcane, to create a mix of pure might and magic. They hone their abilities and express their magics in flourishes of light crafting their spells and abilities with light, weaving and crafting the light around them in a stunning array of colour to form weapons, spells, and magical effects.

Clemintine follows the ever-shifting lifestyle of the fae but can’t help but feel lost dealing with the push and pull of self-doubt, and wishes to find himself with the help of the great wyrm. they hide within a dulled core wrapped in self-doubt and worry. As he proclaims his life’s path is carved by the whims of wind and song he can’t help but get lost in the ever-shifting pathless expanse of existence, never truly knowing their destined path or where they want to go, So they’ve set out on a quest to gain this insight from the great An Phiast, to be granted to inspiration to overcome their uncertainty in life and to carve their own path.

Clemintine follows the ever-shifting lifestyle of the fae but can’t help but feel lost dealing with the push and pull of self-doubt, and wishes to find himself with the help of the great wyrm.

Iridessa Silverfury – Human Cleric

Iridessa is a silver dragon. Or. Well. She SAYS she’s a silver dragon. But there is no doubt, she is verifiably, undeniably, demonstrably human in every way. Except maybe she’s a little horde-y and maybe a little proud and maybe a little hyper-focused on collecting a treasure trove of artistic endeavours for her own personal enjoyment. But what lover of art isn’t these things? She collects art, heals her colleagues, and she bashes heads.

That’s kind of her MO. In truth, Iridessa is the worlds “paramount” art collector – her words – and a “world-renown” cleric of Bahamut, known for her healing prowess and ability to bash noggin’ when need be. And she’s on a journey.

Why is Iridessa on this journey, you ask? I mean, does an artist’s journey ever end? Iridessa is in a constant state of discovery when it comes to new art – whether it be literature, paintings, sculpture, etc. She’s been on a pilgrimage ever since reaching adulthood. This one to Dingle would be one of many she’ll have in her life, but no less exciting!

She’s heard of a festival and this wyrm over in Dingle and she’d like to have a peek and a word.

She wants to know what the festival is all about, but more important what the wyrm’s intentions are and if she’s related (she hopes not!). But she also figures she’ll discover some really sweet finds on this adventure and she’s looking forward to adding to her art “horde”, end brackets. She also wants to prove to herself that she’s still capable. She feels more vulnerable now than she ever has.

Dungeon Master of AD D&D 2023 – Gabriel Galway

Hello there! My name is Gabriel Galway and I will be the Dungeon Master of this years AD D&D event! I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 14 years and run 3-4 other campaigns in my free time which I stream on Twitch.
D&D is a wonderful collaborative storytelling experience! Every player you add to your world further enriches its lore. And for me that’s where D&D really shines. I adore worldbuilding with my players, to create a universe that suits everyone. The world of Gostar, which this campaign is set in, is a dense and rich world, born from the thousands of hours of being played in by dozens of characters over years.

And this year, to suit the theme of animation, the players in this mini campaign, will be playing characters deeply connected to the creative world. I have designed a campaign to test what creativity really means to the players. It’s going to be a wild ride, as this party ventures through time and space to liberate this creative world from…well…something bad of course.

Love, War, Imagination, Fairies, Skyships, SKY ISLANDS, Dungeons and Dragons! Everything you could wish for, this game has it.

I dare you to try and find something it doesn’t have!

We are calling all D&D lovers to join us for a mini-Dungeons & Dragons campaign that will take place in the run up to the festival this year, with its finale taking place as a LIVE event at Animation Dingle.

And we want YOU to be our players!

We are calling all Festival Ticket holders who would like to take part, to submit you character concepts in to Animation Dingle in the Submission form at the end of this page.

Who do you want to play as in this D&D game?

We are looking for 7 players to take part. To be in with a chance of playing, send in your submission to us NOW….

Your story hook is as follows…

You are a creative hero who has arrived after a long pilgrimage, to the flying island of An Daingean, which floats just above the Lighting Sea.  You have come to take part in the Feast of the Great Wyrm, “Féast na Phiast”.  Creatives from all around the world of Gostar* gather here every 5 years to witness the emerging of the great wyrm, an Phiast as he refills the world with creativity and imagination.  And those nearest to him during this time, will be blessed with a fresh wave of inspiration for their minds to “feast” upon.

*For more information on the world of Gostar, in which this adventure will be taking place, visit Animation Dingle’s Discord: 

What does this story hook spark in you? Why have you come here to the Feast?

We encourage all of those preparing characters for submission to this campaign, to consider how your character uses their powers and abilities in different artistic ways. 

Are you a warrior who has developed a sword technique similar to a dance, or one inspired by the art of calligraphy? Maybe you are a wizard who has specialised in the animation of inanimate objects? Or a cleric who lets their god guide their hand as they paint?

Or maybe you simply wish to be an artist and choose to make your hero a bard.

So, if you play and would like the chance to play in our game, or if you have never played but think you would be good, submission is FREE.

Players MUST be Animation Dingle ticket holders and will need to give evidence of their ticket in their submission.

Further information on how to submit BELOW

Maybe you don’t want to play but would like to follow the game? The game will be played weekly online from January 2023, be sure to follow it and keep your eye out for the weekly Dakota Irish giveaways!

….we look forward to seeing how this incredible journey plays out!in


The game will play for 7 consecutive dates in the run into the Festival, culminating in a LIVE Finale at the Festival.

AD D&D 2023 with Dakota Irish will run on the Animation Dingle Discord Channel. 

All entries MUST be available for all 7 lead-in online games  on the following dates/times:

  • 6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 27th January
  • 6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 3rd February
  • 6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 10th February
  • 6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 17th February
  • 6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 24th February
  • 6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 3rd March
  • 6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 10th March

LIVE Finale Saturday 25th March 2023 in the Gallarus Room, Dingle Skellig Hotel, Dingle.

All entries MUST be Animation Dingle 2023 Festival Pass holders.

There are 2 rounds of the submission process: 

  • Your Character Design
  • Your in-Character audition 

Only those selected for nomination will be called forward for audition.

We are looking for originality in your character’s design, from their written backstory and personality, to their physical appearance.

If you would like to be considered for AD D&D 2023 with Dakota Irish, please submit:

Your Character Design

This needs to be submitted in 2D and in PNG format and must include the following:

          Complete concept artwork for your character’s design (File size: max 1mb)

        A written description of your character including: the D&D class they will be and how they use their abilities in artistic ways, a brief backstory, their personality, and what they hope to gain at the “Féast An Phiast ”.  Finally, make sure your written description is no longer than 350 words.

Closing date for Character Design submissions 5.00pm 28th November 2022

All submissions will be considered.  Our selectors will score each submission and pull forward nominees for the second round.

Your in-character Audition

Each nominee will be called for an audition on Zoom

You will audition as your character and we will be looking for your ability to roleplay and improvise, your ability to play well with others, your understanding of D&D and, of course, your creativity.  

You will be asked to roleplay as your character in a given scenario.

Notification and audition date will be sent out on 1st December 2022.

Expected date for auditions, 6th December 2022, (may be subject to change).  

Auditions will be conducted via Zoom.


AD D&D is an Animation Dingle Festival event and, as such, falls under the general T&Cs of the Festival. Please find these here.